Forget people's names? – There is a solution!

Remame is an app that will help you remember names of different people you just met. Taking a note about a person and remembering names has never been so easy.

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Remame app
Main screen


Just launch the app and type a name or ask your new friend to type his name right in the app. Also there is an option to write a note about the person to recognize him from others. Remame will try to help you to fill in the location of your meeting. If something is missing you can just fix it. So location and time of your meeting will be added automatically.

Import to contacts

One tap - and your new friends are in the Contacts app.

Import to contacts screen
Today widget screen

Today widget and 3D Touch support

The app provides a widget in Today view. So the new people's names are always at hand. You will never forget someone's name. Also it supports 3D Touch that's why you can make new friends as fast as possible.

Cool iMessages stickers

A few iMessages stickers help you to express your emotions and feelings.

iMessage stickers screen